We Wish this Batman Cartoon was Real


As most Batman fans may know, there are few great animated moments since Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series universe ended. Sure, some of the DC Animated films are great and each of the subsequent Batman ongoing cartoons had some redeeming qualities, but BTAS is and always will be the gold standard. It defined the Caped Crusader for multiple generations. Nothing since has stuck.

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Knowing this, fan and artist Phil Cho has taken it upon himself to conceptualize the next generation’s Batman cartoon called Gotham Crusaders, and he put A LOT of work into it.

The interesting and compelling thing about his concept – other than his abandonment of the Max Fleischer Superman aesthetic that BTAS is based on, and that DC is trying to run away from – is that he breaks down the visuals season by season. Each one covers the post-Crisis evolution of the Bat-family in its entirety. I feel like this would draw newcomers and younger fans into the confusing and ever changing characters/designs of Batman’s supporting cast.

Notice the rotation of Grayson’s Robin to Nightwing and Tim Drake’s to Red Robin. They even have Batman eventually shed the outward underwear!

The intricate planning should be applauded. This is the kind of thing I used to do instead of paying attention in class.

You can check out Cho’s entire pitch here on your way to lobby WB and DC Animated to get this turned into a real show!

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