10 Strongest Characters In The Marvel Universe

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After first exploring the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe, I thought it would be interesting to try and another list with a little different spin on powerful. Whereas the first list was stacked with the most powerful cosmic entities to ever grace the pages of a comic, this list is more meat and potatoes.

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This time around, it’s all about brute strength. Not strength based on harnessing special energy or artifacts. Not the ability to lift massive weight due to psionic or cosmic energy manipulation. These are just the straight up strongest guys there are. But to put this list together, there had to be a couple of rules. We’ve already covered where the power comes from.

There’s a second rule as well. If a character is listed (such as the Hulk), there can be only one. If I included every incarnation of the Hulk, they would fill the list on their own. Nope, one entry per character. The truth is that creating a set of rankings like this is challenging. Getting this down to 10 isn’t easy, and consensus is almost impossible. So before we delve into the 10 strongest, here’s a quick rundown of characters 20-11.

Just missed the cut:

  • 20. Hyperion
  • 19. Gladiator
  • 18. Champion
  • 17. Count Nefaria
  • 16. Colossus
  • 15. Gilgamesh
  • 14. Beta Ray Bill
  • 13. Apocalypse
  • 12. Skaar
  • 11. Juggernaut

Strong characters, all, but not quite in the league of our top 10.

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