Batman Is A Villain In Batman v Superman


We know that the Batman we see in Batman v Superman is an older, more world-weary Batman, but to what extent? Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder gave some details.

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In Batman v Superman, Batman/Bruce Wayne is in his mid-forties and been fighting crime for a couple decades:

“He has been Batman for 20 years. All the history is there. Was there a Robin at one time? Possibly.” This interview was done before the new trailer that showed the destroyed Robin suit.

Batman is also responsible for capturing every member of the Suicide Squad, which is interesting since some, like Captain Boomerang, aren’t villains he usually fights.

Ben Affleck says it was an older, more world-weary take on Batman that appealed to him for Batman v Superman:

"Zack pitched me his concept for this older, more broken, kind of f**ked up Batman. It was something we haven’t seen. We have seen that Batman is willing to cross the line to protect people. That vigilantism has been a part of his character all along, and we are tapping into that mentality when faced by something as potentially as deadly a Superman."

"We want to assume that Batman has reached this point in his life and career as a superhero, and Superman represents a sort of philisophical change. He is a paradigm shift for Batman: ‘I’ve been fighting criminals all my life, trying to find justice, and now I am confronted with a concept that is transcendent to me.’ In the face of Superman, a man robbing a bank doesn’t matter."

Snyder also said that at first Batman is basically seen as the villain in Batman v Superman at first, and who you side with will ultimately come down to personal views.

"It’s a point of view thing. That is why Dawn of Justice is the full title. What it does is allow us to start this conversation."

Batman has definitely done some arguably villainous things in supposed service of what he believes is the “greater good”. We’ll see how this all plays out when Batman v Superman comes out March 25th.


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