Channing Tatum Will Star In Gambit After All


How close was Channing Tatum to leaving Gambit? We may never know, and now, apparently, it won’t matter anyway.

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That’s because The Hollywood Reporter says that Tatum is signed on to play the lead in Gambit, something that looked entirely unlikely just a few days ago. No one on the actor’s side or from 20th Century Fox is saying anything about what happened, but it looks like the movie will move forward with its desired star and Rupert Wyatt as director.

One of the more popular X-Men immediately following his comic book debut in 1990, the mysterious Cajun mutant has seen his print popularity rise and fall over the years. He’s made it to the big screen already in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he was portrayed by Taylor Kitsch, but becoming the star of his own solo film will allow Gambit to have the spotlight on him in a way he’s not seen in quite some time.

Tatum has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride himself, with successful projects like 22 Jump Street and the Magic Mike movies interspersed with more serous fare like Foxcatcher and complete bombs like Jupiter Ascending. The 35-year-old will follow Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) as a known actor signing on for more X-Men-related films while some of the team’s core characters have been recast with younger, lesser known faces in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Now there are really only two questions: can Tatum pull off the New Orleans accent, and will the costume designers come up with something that’s as cool-looking as Gambit’s original threads while not quite as garish? We’ll find out for sure on October 7, 2016, if not before.

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