Dane Whitman Roams Weirdworld In Black Knight #1


Almost all the Marvel heroes to ever call themselves Avengers has participated in some version of the team over the last few years. Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, has been a notable exception. A stalwart of the group in several of its previous incarnations, he’s been conspicuously absent save for a brief encounter that saw him leading a team of European heroes during an arc of Avengers World. But that’s about to change …

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It’ll change come November, to be exact. That’s when the All-New, All-Different Marvel line will welcome Black Knight #1 by writer Frank Tieri and artist Luca Pizzari, which will see Dane in an unfamiliar land: Weirdworld, which will live on after Secret Wars.

Even though the Black Knight’s surroundings will be very different, his chief problem will remain the same. His sword, the Ebony Blade, has a curse on it that has consumed all of its previous wielders. Dane has so far resisted succumbing to it, but whether or not he’ll be able to keep himself free of its grasp is going to be an open question.

And as Marvel’s official tease implies, he may already have turned some of his longtime allies against him:

"A lost man himself, Dane now finds himself in Weirdworld, the place where all lost things go. What are the circumstances that brought him to this strange place, so far from the world he called home? And what could he possibly have done that would cause the Uncanny Avengers to mobilize against him, a man they called friend?"

That certainly sounds intriguing. Keep this one in mind as we await a more detailed preview of it, and we’ll be sure to let you know exactly when in November you can expect to have Black Knight #1 in your hands.

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