Deadpool Invades Fantastic Four Preview On USA


Say this for Fox: it knows how to spice up the promotion for one super hero movie that isn’t faring quite so well on the hype meter with another one that’s much buzzier. The evidence was tonight on USA, which showed a four-minute preview for Fantastic Four after Raw, one that got invaded at the very end by a certain Merc With a Mouth.

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Sitting in the same chair that he used for his “trailer trailer,” Deadpool let us know that if we go to see Fantastic Four on Friday, he’ll throw in the official trailer for his own movie absolutely free. Also, in a parody of some popular male enhancement commercials, Deadpool also said that if you experience an erection lasting more than four hours … pat yourself on the back.

It was yet more proof that Ryan Reynolds and the team behind Deadpool look like they have the tone of the character just right, though it’s one that is bound to shock some of the general public who don’t know what he’s all about. Fans are right to be excited, though we’ll avoid jumping on the bandwagon with both feet until we see that theatrical trailer this weekend.

And the Fantastic Four footage? It was mostly stuff we’ve seen in previous trailers for the film, though stitched together in a different order. It was fine, but probably not enough to change your mind about going to see it on opening weekend … unless you have to take Deadpool up on his offer.

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