Fantastic Four Is Good … According To Writer Of Fantastic Four


Simon Kinberg wants to reassure you that the Fantastic Four reboot due in theaters later this week is perfectly fine. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he says things like, “It’s a good movie,” along with the much more backhanded compliment that, “It’s not a disaster.”

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We should point out that Kinberg might not have the most unbiased opinion seeing as he wrote and helped produce Fantastic Four. And while yours truly found each trailer progressively more interesting than the one before, there are plenty of reasons to be a bit nervous. Critics haven’t weighed in yet, and the cast of the movie reportedly hasn’t seen the finished film either.

Kinberg did admit to EW that it was not “an easy production,” but he backed away from laying the blame at the feet of divisive director Josh Trank.

"What I do think we had was a very young director making a very big movie. And a director that, for whatever reason, people were either rooting against or his personality troubled the press … I think there was something about Josh’s identity that made him a good target. I’m not sure what that is."

It might be the fact that Trank seems like a jerk, or at least he comes off that way in the press. In any case, there was always going to be an uphill battle for Fantastic Four given the mediocre reception to Fox’s previous attempt to launch the franchise and the segment of fans hoping that this one flops so that Marvel regains the movie rights to its first super hero team. You have to believe that Kinberg is sincere when he says he’d like to keep making movies with the cast, though presumably without Trank, but there’s no way Fox agrees to push ahead with a sequel if this one bombs.

We’ll find out in just a few days if its writer was correct about its quality.

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