Hawkman Cast For Legends Of Tomorrow, Plus Flash, Arrow Crossover Episodes


The CW has found someone to play Hawkman on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow next year — but we’ll be seeing him on The Flash and Arrow first.

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According to Variety, Falk Hentschel has landed the role of Carter Hall, also known as the winged warrior Hawkman. A mainstay of DC Comics dating back to his first appearance in 1940, Hawkman has been a member of both the Justice Society and Justice League and has remained in the mix more often than not despite having one of the most fractured and perplexing continuities of any super hero around.

The Variety report confirms that this is a version of Hawkman similar to the one readers saw prior to the New 52, with Hall stuck in a cycle of death and reincarnation throughout the years. In the present, his soulmate is Kendra Saunders, the Hawkgirl who will be portrayed in TV by Ciara Renee.

And that’s not the most exciting part. Fans can expect to see Hawkman take flight before Legends of Tomorrow debuts, as he’ll appear in the crossover episodes of The Flash and Arrow that should hit late this fall. As for Hentschel, you may have seen his movie work in the likes of Transcendence and White House Down, and he also had a recurring role on the short-lived CBS series Reckless.

No premiere date has been announced yet for Legends of Tomorrow, but The Flash and Arrow will both return with new episodes the week of October 6.

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