All Confirmed DC Heroes And Villains In Arrow And The Flash For 2015-16


It’s time to do this again.

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Last summer, we started tracking DC heroes and villains for the debut season of The Flash and Season 3 of Arrow based on casting announcements, reveals by the shows’ writing staffs and the like. That gave us the opportunity to talk about the likes of the Atom, Firestorm, Reverse-Flash and Captain Cold well before they actually graced our screens.

Now that Comic-Con is in the bag and both series are gearing up for the fall, we might as well compile character confirmations in one place for the 2015-16 season. Obviously, this will be a work in progress, with new characters added as we learn about them. We’ll also throw supporting characters from the comics in here even if they aren’t meta-humans. Hey, people are people too!

I’m psyched for these series’ October debuts just thinking about this, by the way. Let’s go …

Confirmed DC Heroes and Villains in Season 4 of Arrow

  • Damien Darkh – Though Darkh was mentioned during Season 3, he served as a bit of a red herring, and we never actually saw him. That won’t be the case in Season 4, with veteran actor Neal McDonough taking the role (no stranger to comic book roles, seeing as he was/is Dum Dum Dugan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). It’s likely that Darkh is the “Big Bad” of Season 4, though it’s possible the creative team just wants us to think that.
  • Mister Terrific / Curtis Holt – Announced at Comic-Con, Mister Terrific will be helping out Felicity Smoak on the technical side. That hints at the Michael Holt version of the character, since being really intelligent and good with machines is sort of his thing. He’s also said to be gay, which will be a change from the comics. EW has reported that this Terrific will be Curtis Holt instead of Michael, and will be played by Echo Kellum.
  • Anarky / Lonnie Machin – An anarchist and social revolutionary of sorts, Anarky was a 12-year old masquerading as a costumed adult, primarily clashing with Batman. He could be a charismatic draw to the people of Oliver’s city, someone who might need to be defeated in a battle of ideals instead of arrows. He was also announced at Comic-Con. He’ll be played by Alexander Calvert and will show up early, in the second episode of Season 4.
  • Baron Blitzkrieg / Baron Reiter – Here’s an interesting one. In the comics, Baron Blitzkrieg was originally an Earth-Two villain from the Silver Age, a Nazi scientist who possessed some powers similar to Superman but could only use them one at a time. The guess here is that the Baron played by Jimmy Akingbola will lose the Nazi angle and be less powerful overall. Look for him as a recurring character in the Season 4 flashbacks.
  • Double Down / Jeremy Tell – Are cards bad for you? They can be if they’re a cursed deck that attaches itself to your skin, although you might be able to use them as weapons like this villain. Double Down was created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver as one of the Flash’s newer Rogues, but J.R. Bourne will portray him as a menace to Green Arrow instead. Episode 3 will be his first appearance.

And some added bonuses:

  • Jeri Ryan, an actress who needs no introduction to genre fans, will play Jessica Danforth, a politician of some sort who sounds like she’ll be targeted by criminals. You know, like what happens to most people in positions of power in Starling City.
  • In what could be a fairly significant development, Stephen Amell showed off a new costume at Comic-Con and announced that Oliver Queen would return to save his city as Green Arrow, not the Arrow.
  • John Diggle is getting a costume of his own but isn’t going “full super hero” right away.

Confirmed DC Heroes and Villains in Season 2 of The Flash

  • Jay Garrick / The Flash – Wait, isn’t there already a Flash? Of course, but Jay Garrick is comics’ original Fastest Man Alive. On TV, he’ll be played by Teddy Sears and first enter Barry Allen’s life to warn him about a serious approaching threat.
  • Professor Zoom – This could get a little confusing, because in comics, Eobard Thawne was Professor Zoom, the original Reverse-Flash. On the series, Thawne never used the Zoom name and has seemingly already been defeated. Yet Zoom was announced as the main villain for Season 2. So … Thawne’s not really dead? More alternate timeline hijinks are coming into play? Someone else takes up his yellow-suited legacy? Place your bets now!
  • Patty Spivot – Played by Shantel VanSanten, Spivot will be Joe West’s new partner on the Central City police force and have a crush on Barry Allen. That’s a slight change from the comics, where her New 52 incarnation was as a fellow police scientist and full-on love interest for Barry, eventually learning his secret but leaving him after encountering a murderous version of him from an alternate future.
  • Hawkman / Carter Hall – One of the more famous B-list DC heroes is coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but he’ll appear in The Flash/Arrow crossover episodes first, so I’m listing him here. The version of Hall played by Falk Hentschel sounds like he will be similar to the one in comics prior to the New 52 relaunch, stuck in a cycle of death and rebirth and trying to convince Kendra Saunders that she is his soulmate.
  • Wally West / The Flash? / Kid Flash? – In the comics, Wally became a great Flash in his own right after beginning his super hero career as the teen sidekick to Barry Allen as Kid Flash. His New 52 counterpart has a much different back story, so it’ll be interesting to see which elements the show’s creators choose to use. One thing you can almost certainly bank on is that he’ll be related to Joe and Iris West. We also learned he’ll be played by Keiynan Lonsdale of the Divergent movies.
  • Atom-Smasher / Albert Rothstein? – Not the legacy hero from the comics, or so it would seem. Instead, this Atom-Smasher will be a straight up villain looking to kill the Flash and having the considerable size to do it since he’s played by former WWE champion Adam “Edge” Copeland. Note that Al Rothstein was one of the people mentioned as a victim of the particle accelerator wave in Season 1, so this could still be him, just not as a good guy. Look for him in the Season 2 premiere.
  • Doctor Light / Kimiyo Hoshi? – While most fans know the Doctor Light who menaced the Teen Titans and Justice League, there was a heroic female version as well. That’s the one we’ll see in Season 2, though it hasn’t been revealed whether she’ll be Kimiyo Hoshi like she was in the comics.
  • Tokamak / Henry Hewitt – Demore Barnes will play Henry Hewitt, a meta-human asked to assist Team Flash. Considering Hewitt is the Firestorm villain Tokamak in the comics, we’re assuming the Fastest Man Alive will have to deal with him at some point.

And some added bonuses:

  • Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said at WonderCon that “we definitely want to meet the Mirror Master next year” and “I’m sure Dr. Alchemy will show up at some point.” We’ll leave them down here until they are announced and/or cast, but those are two classic villains who would be great to see on TV.

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