Top 5 Moments In Fantastic Four History

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If you are a fan of the Marvel Universe and its grand cosmic stories, you have the Fantastic Four to thank for it. Marvel launched its first super hero team back in 1961 to kick off what became known as the Silver Age of comics. Most agree the group was created in part as a Marvel counterpart to DC’s Justice League, which debuted the previous year.

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Over the course of the 54 years the team has been in existence, it has seen tremendous changes and multiple incarnations as story arcs weaved and evolved. Some of the most powerful cosmic entities were introduced in Fantastic Four, and the combination of likable characters made them an easy group to cheer on.

Making a list like this and keeping it to only five stories was a tremendous challenge. I started with 20 and began to narrow it down based on how iconic the issue or arc was, how important it was to the Marvel Universe as a whole and the emotional response it created, and I tried not to spill over too much between choices. I also opted for staying exclusively with the Silver and Bronze ages of the Fantastic Four. There will be lots of time to break down everything going on with the modern versions, but with the film set to drop, it’s time to look back at the history of the original Marvel Super Squad.

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