Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds Says He Cried When He First Saw Costume


It’s been a long journey to get Deadpool made. Most fans already know that.

On Conan, star Ryan Reynolds told Conan O’Brien that it was worth it once he first saw the costume, as the realization that the movie was happening made him tear up. “I wept,” he said, before downgrading ever so slightly to “misted up.”

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Reynolds estimated that the project was in the works in some form or another for 11 years, with the core group together for six years. He credited the fans for helping force Fox’s hand on truly beginning development, saying that the leaked test footage — which he claimed was never intended to be seen by anyone outside the studio — created such a groundswell of enthusiasm that the company had no choice but to pursue the film. So hooray for leaks, in this case.

For comic book movie fans, Reynolds also snuck in a reference to one of his prior, not too successful roles. When O’Brien asked him about the voice he used to narrate the DeadpoolTrailer Trailer,” the actor replied that he was emulating the late voiceover master Don LaFontaine, and that he used the impression to irritate his wife while at home. Pressed for a sample, he said this:

"Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in Green Lantern II! Rated OGNA for, “Oh God, not again!”"

Funny stuff, that. Deadpool is coming to theaters next February, but we’ll surely get another wave of publicity appearances like this one well before that.

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