See The Deadpool Red Band Trailer That Premiered On Conan


To quote Jay Z, “It’s what you expected, ain’t it?” By that I mean the red band trailer for Deadpool, which premiered tonight on Conan.

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Asked by host Conan O’Brien to set up the debut of the trailer, star Ryan Reynolds simply gave a very brief synopsis of his character, explaining that he underwent a process that scarred him all over and activated his mutant healing factor which is similar to that of Wolverine. He also mentioned Deadpool’s Merc With a Mouth moniker, with Conan noting that anyone playing him has to be able to handle action and be funny.

The trailer didn’t disappoint, beginning with a tone that played like the serious back story for a down on his luck man with cancer accepting a preposterous sounding proposition to become a super hero. The first hint of what’s to come has Reynolds, as Wade Wilson, mentioning that they better not make his super suit green … or animated.

What followed was balls to the wall action mixed with comedy and quite a few f-bombs (beeped out even with Conan’s show getting its first ever TV-MA rating). Highlights included Deadpool explaining why his suit was red, a brief scrap with Colossus of X-Men fame, an incredible multi-person head shot where the hero claimed he was going to “touch himself tonight,” and multiple attempts by T.J. Miller to attempt what Wilson’s unmasked face looked like — none of which I can reprint here.

The red band trailer hit the web at the top of Conan, and we’ve got it here too, but we have to give our strongest possible disclaimer: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED, as the trailer contains profanity, comical yet gory violence and brief sexuality.

Deadpool is slated to hit theaters on February 12, 2016, which is far enough away for us to get another trailer or two like this one.

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