First Look: Mouthy Merc Vs. Mad Titan In Deadpool Vs. Thanos #1


That Deadpool guy must be pretty popular considering all the coverage we’ve been devoting to him of late — and while he’s dead, no less. Marvel has had a good deal of success pitting the Merc With a Mouth against other characters in “Vs.” series, so why not take the concept to its logical extreme and match him up with one of the baddest villains the company has to offer?

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“Why not, indeed,” is probably something similar to the thought pattern of the editor who approved Deadpool vs. Thanos #1. The team of writer Tim Seeley and artist Elmo Bondoc are ready to give us the battle we’ve all been waiting for, at least if we ever dreamed about it in the first place.

What could possibly get these two very different gents together in the same story? Something pretty serious, actually. It seems that both Deadpool and Thanos have romanced Death in the past (I only remember one of those …), so when she disappears and living beings simply stop dying, it gets the attention of both of them.

Clearly, there’s some story there we haven’t been privy to, but that’s not unusual when Deadpool is involved. As for what’s going to happen after they both start seeking answers, here’s what Marvel has to say:

"If they hope to locate Death and restore balance to the cosmos – they’ll need to work…together. That’s not going to end well. Can the pair overcome their overwhelming hatred for one another? Or will Thanos finally let Deadpool die once and for all? Strap yourselves in and find out when DEADPOOL VS. THANOS #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this September!"

Isn’t Deadpool already dead? The current state of Marvel continuity is confusing!

But this sounds awesome nonetheless. For your previewing pleasure, we’ve got a first look at three pages from Deadpool vs. Thanos #1, so go ahead and tell your LCS now that you want this in your pull box. You might be sad if you don’t.

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