Preview: The Golden Age Returns In Miracleman By Gaiman & Buckingham #1


Miracleman may have been propelled to iconic status (back when it was called Marvelman) by Alan Moore, but some other comics legends got to carry the torch for the series in the 1990s. The thing is, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham never got to finish the story they started to tell, getting less than halfway through their planned three-arc saga.

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Now they will, but first, Marvel is taking readers back to the one arc they did complete, “The Golden Age,” beginning with Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham #1. Set to go on sale in September, the issue sets the stage for the eventual downfall of a seeming utopia. Miracleman and his allies rule over the world as benevolent dictators and everything is fine. Or is it? Find out how normal, everyday people are affected by living in a world effectively run by gods.

The issue has been completely remastered from the original artwork from Miracleman #17 and also includes additional content like sketches, scripts and promotional pieces from the 90s — as well as a series of variant covers by the likes of Simone Bianchi and Joe Quesada, which we’ve included with the preview below. Don’t miss this excellent jumping on point for what’s sure to be a highly intriguing conclusion to a story that’s been left unfinished for 25 years. Look for Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham #1 at your LCS on September 2.

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