When Will Scott Snyder Leave Batman?


Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been the driving force behind Batman in the comic book world since 2011. A lot of people thought their run would end with the recent “Endgame” storyline that had both Bruce Wayne & The Joker perish in a final battle against each other, but they are both still doing the comic currently, with James Gordon as the new Batman.

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So does Scott Snyder have an idea when his Batman run will end? He adressed this at a recent convention panel in Boston:

"I will answer as honestly as I can: Every arc, we have been ready to [leave the series]. At the end, if people really didn’t like what we were doing or we felt tired on the book… My feeling is, this is my favorite character in the world, and you guys, as fans, deserve someone who’s going to bring their A-game. Everybody has a Batman story they’re dying to tell.I feel like, to do a book like Batman, you’ve got to swing for the fences because there are more than a thousand other writers out there who would swing for the fences if they got their own shot on the book. They deserve it and you guys deserve it and the character deserves it,” he continued. “I’d rather swing big than miss — swing big, then play it safe. With this arc, with ‘Superheavy,’ I have plans for at least another year on “Batman.” It brings a lot of stuff full circle and a lot of new things into the book… There are no plans to be like, ‘We’re done at #50 and you’ll never see us again’ or ‘We’re done at #50, then we’re going to go to Marvel.’ That’s not going to happen. We’re going to go to #50, and then we’re going to see where we are. And, honestly, I think I have some stuff that I would really like to get to do on the book that has a slightly different tone."

In other words, don’t look for Scott Snyder (or Greg Capullo, who has said similar things) to leave Batman anytime soon, as he’s got plenty of stories left to tell about his favorite character.

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