Preview: All-New Everything In Invincible Iron Man #1


Comic book fans know that the relaunch coming up in October is called All-New, All-Different Marvel, but Invincible Iron Man #1 might be one of the titles where that description actually fits.

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It’s still Tony Stark suiting up as the Armored Avenger, but consider that he’ll have new armor, new villains, a new supporting cast (including a love interest whose name isn’t Pepper Potts) and a new mission. That’s a lot of new.

There have been plenty of hints that Stark might have to drop the billionaire part of his famous “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” self-description from the movies, so that’s different too. And it’s all being presented by a fresh creative team consisting of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez.

If that’s not enough, Marvel says that Invincible Iron Man #1 will drop a bombshell on its final page that “will have the entire comic industry talking,” plus it will answer questions about what happened at the end of Secret Wars #8 — which isn’t out yet, but that tease alone has me anxious.

This is all a long-winded way of saying that this series has been promoted as one of the cornerstones of the new Marvel Universe, so you might want to check it out. Invincible Iron Man #1 goes on sale October 7, complete with a launch party if your LCS is cool, but we’ve got a preview of three pages of it right here, plus variant covers galore. All-new indeed!

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