Suicide Squad: The Jim Parrack Mystery Continues


Despite an appearance by most of the cast at San Diego Comic Con and a trailer, we still have no clue who the hell Jim Parrack is playing in Suicide Squad. He was rumored to be Deathstroke repeatedly, but Deathstroke hasn’t even been announced as being in the movie. Thanks to a new Instagram photo though, we may finally know Jim Parrack’s role in Suicide Squad.

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Corina Calderon is an actress in Suicide Squad, and her role is a bit of mystery as well. She is listed as “Grace”, which could be a field medic who was part of the Suicide Squad for awhile in the comics, or some random character named Grace. But according to this Instagram photo, she knows who Jim Parrack is playing:

Now the interesting thing here is that Parrack was previously rumored to be playing Johnny Frost (who is a henchman of the Joker), and then that rumor was quickly shot down. But this is an actressin Suicide Squad claiming Parrack is Johnny Frost, so it seems pretty legit. Then again, it seemed pretty legit when Parrack’s girlfriend claimed he was playing Deathstroke. We’ll find out for sure when Suicide Squad opens August 5th.


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