Bruce Wayne Doesn’t Want To Be Batman Anymore


Bruce Wayne appeared to die in an epic battle with the Joker (who also supposedly died) at the end of the Endgame story arc. Since then, James Gordon has been doing the job of the Caped Crusader. But we all know even death (or near death) can’t keep a good hero down for long (in the case, only an issue or two), and Bruce Wayne has come back to Gotham. But he does want to take the mantle back from Jim Gordon? Not really.

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In next week’s Batman #43, Jim Gordon meets up with Bruce Wayne, trying to get his help taking down new villain, Mr. Bloom. But Bruce not only doesn’t want to be Batman again (which Gordon isn’t actually asking for), but doesn’t even want to help. He would rather help underprivileged kids (because you know, he can’t possibly do both things).

Jim Gordon seems pretty disappointed in this new Bruce Wayne, who Alfred is claiming is the only “true” Bruce Wayne there has ever been to Superman, who seems most disappointed of all that’s it’s not the same old Bruce he knew:

Greg Capullo & Scott Snyder have both talked about how Bruce Wayne’s journey would explore who he is without Batman, so it looks like that story is really starting. Obviously he’ll eventually be Batman again, but the journey there will hopefully be an interesting one (and last a little longer than his “death”)

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