Fantastic Four Would Work Better On TV

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Doom Deserves Better

Given the oft-stated theory that super heroes are only as good as their villains, the Fantastic Four is working at an incredible advantage over most other Marvel characters, because they’ve got the best baddie of them all. There’s a reason why Marvel chose to have Doctor Doom as the self-appointed god in Secret Wars, and it’s because he’s the most compelling man for the job.

That makes it even more shameful that the Fantastic Four movies, old and new alike, have failed Doom so badly. I understand his visuals might not translate directly to the screen as is without descending into some level of self-parity, but that’s zero excuse for monkeying with his powers, origin and (especially!) motivations.

Doom should never be used simply to give a movie someone for the FF to battle, but we haven’t seen much of his rich print characterization at all. Again, a lot of this is due to the time constraints inherent in trying to do this property as a series of films. Finding out what makes Doom tick should be a saga that unfolds slowly, with plenty of opportunities for him to remain above the fray unless his hand is forced.

There’s a road map for this type of thing already, and you guessed it, a TV show has it. Season 1 of Daredevil successfully showcased the desires, challenges and internal workings of Wilson Fisk, making him as important to the series as Matt Murdock. I’d argue that Victor von Doom is even more worthy of long-term examination, as he’s not playing the B-side to anyone. Reed Richards most of all …

It goes without saying that the casting would need to be just right as well. Any actor stepping up to put on the mask (and yes, let’s make it that please) would need to know he was taking on a main cast gig for the long term. Doom wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course, there’s also one big reason the Fantastic Four probably wouldn’t ever be adapted for TV, and I might as well address that one too …

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