Fantastic Four Would Work Better On TV

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This is Gonna Be Expensive …

It’s fun to let your imagination run wild, but let’s be honest: doing the Fantastic Four justice in the way we’ve just discussed would be expensive. We’re talking extensive effects and computer graphics, five main roles and at least a semi-name actor to play Doctor Doom. I’d also want the best costume person you could find to finally get everyone’s costumes looking great.

Most TV outlets would balk at all of that, especially the ones I think would take a chance on something as ambitious as this. Broadcast networks have the money but don’t like to spend it on anything but sure things. What I envision is a bit much for most cable channels, even ones with sci-fi leanings.

That leaves premium cable like HBO or streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. This entire exericise is hypothetical anyway, so let’s say one of them would bite. How many people would have to watch our Fantastic Four to justify the cost?

A lot, probably, but I’d still feel better about its chances than any FF movie to date. Unlike everyone else you’ve read, I’m absolving the makers of these lackluster motion pictures of some of the burden of their failures. There’s something structurally unsound about the Fantastic Four when it comes to films, something just begging for a TV treatment instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your pitches …

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