Some Final Thoughts On The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two

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3. Thor: The Dark World

This is where I feel all of the hate comments will generate. Go ahead take it in: I put this in my top 3. To this date, I still still can’t wrap my head around why this movie got so much hate. One thing is for sure, it blew the first one out of the water — by FAR!

Thor: The Dark World was a journey back to Asgard where our hero (Thor) had to travel through the dimensions to restore peace from the threat at hand. That sounds like an awesome super hero film to me! What I enjoyed so much about this, putting aside my love for the Thor stories I used to read since I was a kid, is that this film showed a threat grow big and come to a point where people close to Thor started to get hurt or killed. As a hero and a leader, Thor had to ponder the choices he had to make and what he was going to do to stop the threat and keep people safe.

Another big thing to mention is that I love reading about Thor when he’s fighting things not from our world. In the first film, we had a good 80 percent of the action on Earth, which made it a bit dry at moments. Malekith and Kurse were forces to be reckoned with in this one, and that was evident as the battle between Kurse and Thor got brutal. We also have to mention our shady yet lovable Loki. How could we forget him and the huge part he plays in this film? It mattered, and was not just written in to get Tom Hiddleston back. The conflict of brothers came into play big time in this film as well, with Loki just coming back from being arrested for his crimes (as seen in The Avengers) only to be needed as an ally. The interaction between him and Thor in this film was really great to watch.

Between the twists and turns, humor timed at great moments, the action, and the full out comic feel of it — added to a great cast — I really thought this was an underrated gem, one I personally thought it was fantastic to watch. I can’t wait for Thor: Ragnarok as it is one of the many films I’m anticipating from Phase Three.

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