The Batman v Superman Screening Didn’t Happen?


Granted, it was always a rumor at this point in the first place, but that supposed screening of Batman v Superman that Warner execs supposedly were so nuts over they signed Ben Affleck to a 3-picture Batman deal? We are now getting a conflicting reports stating it may not have happened in the first place.

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This comes from the latest episode of Collider Movie Talk, where Jon Campea says that his contact at Warner has denied that the screening for Warner Bros. of Batman v Superman happened, which means the whole Warner Bros. making a deal with Ben Affleck for a Batman trilogy probably didn’t happen either. Campea does say that the screening could have happened, but again his contact says it didn’t so at the very least Warner Bros. is keeping mum about any official reaction to the movie. You can check this out for yourself below:

So basically at this point the rumor has been denied by another rumor and unless we see some official announcement (not likely to happen about the screening but possibly the picture deal) we may never know if this happened. We’ll of course all be able to see for ourselves if Batman v Superman is worthy of a standing ovation (and more of Ben Affleck as Batman) when it opens in theaters March 25th.


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