New Batman & Superman Aren’t Friends


While they may be slugging it out on the big screen next year, in the comics, Batman & Superman have been teammates & friends way more often than they have been at odds with each other. Of course, in the comics these days, we are dealing with a very new dynamic. Superman is exposed, less powerful and unsure of himself. Batman is currently Jim Gordon, who isn’t Bruce Wayne and doesn’t do things the same and that leads to some issues between the two.

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Greg Pak talked about the new dynamic between these two now very different heroes which will be explored in Batman/Superman

"He’d (Superman) desperately love to have Bruce to lean on, but Bruce is gone and Clark under very different circumstances has to deal with a whole new Batman who has no idea who this new Superman is.As far as Gordon knows, this guy in a Superman T-shirt just showed up and started beating people up in Gotham City: ‘Who is this guy?!’"

Pak also promised that Superman will have team-ups with other members of the Bat-family in the coming months and it’ll be interesting to see how they treat him.

h/t USA Today.

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