Scott Snyder Gives Some Details On Mr. Bloom


While it’s always good to see Batman (even the new Batman) take on his classic villains, it’s nice to see some new deadly faces every now again. Batman’s newest villain, Mr. Bloom, is a big mystery, but we’ll meet him in this week’s Batman #43. Scott Snyder gave a few details about the mysterious Mr. Bloom, who has been around longer than you might think.

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"Growing up in the city, when things go wrong, you notice that things kind of grow through the cracks, and that, to me, was the origin of this character.I wanted him to be this thing that sort of sneaks up and suddenly takes advantage of the cracks that exist between neighborhoods, between groups of people in a city like Gotham — especially when things haven’t gone well over the last year, when it comes to “Endgame” and what happened with Commissioner Gordon.He not only takes advantage of it, but he thrives. He grows sort of a garden of his own in that damaged and broken landscape. So for me he’s really scary.You’ll see more about the past of Mr. Bloom in #44. I wrote it with Brian Azzarello, so it’s sort of a joint writing credit and JOCK is drawing it.It basically shows the city right after “Zero Year,” in the very first months that Batman picks up the cowl after that. And it’s a humbling story about things that Bruce didn’t really know how to deal with, and how this character Bloom was actually taking advantage of these things even back then."

So despite being a new villain, Mr. Bloom has been around for years (not uncommon to do a little retconning to fit in new villains) and you’ll learn more about him in both Batman #43 & #44.

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