Snoopy Wrote A Batman Comic?


It’s Snoopy’s 47th birthday! Snoopy will get his shot at the big screen soon with the Peanuts movie, due out November 6th. Snoopy may be a dog, but he’s had a lot of careers over his nearly 50 years. Flying Ace, detective, novelist and Batman comic book writer?

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In 1969 Charles Schultz, creator of the Peanuts, made a few strips that showed Snoopy writing a novel. We didn’t get to see the finished product, but you can see the famous dog writing various lines in the strip below:

Many years later, this story was the basis for Detective Comics #500 by Len Wein, incorporating all of the lines that Snoopy had written and the story elements (even the pirate ship). Obviously, some details had be filled in, but in essence, yes Snoopy has written an issue of one of the most famous and longest-running comics of all time. Check it out below:

Happy Birthday Snoopy! And again you can see him on the big screen in the Peanuts first feature-length film in theaters November 6th.

h/t TheMarySue

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