Spider-Man’s History With Batman


Today is Spider-Man’s birthday! His first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy #15 53 years ago today and of course Spider-Man went on to become the most popular comic book hero ever. And over the years, there’s been a number of crossovers between DC & Marvel in general, including more than one time Batman & Spider-Man have teamed up.

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The first time Batman & Spider-Man work together is Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds, published in 1994. New technology has been produced that will supposedly pacify violent criminals. The first test subjects? Carnage & Joker. Clearly this doesn’t work and Batman & Spider-Man must team up to take their deadliest foes down.

The second time was not long after in 1997, in Batman & Spider-Man: New Age Dawning. In this comic, they had to deal with the unlikely team-up of Ra’s Al Ghul & Kingpin, who want to upset the general balance of the world.

It’s sort of a shame we probably won’t see crossovers like this any time soon as DC & Marvel have become much bigger and territorial of the properties. Who knows, maybe Disney will just buy DC and we’ll see Batman & Spider-Man on the big screen someday. Happy birthday Spidey!

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