Batman v Superman HeroClix Announced


Batman v Superman is getting it’s own special set of HeroClix sometime next year.

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HeroClix is technically a game, but at this point it’s more of a collector’s hobby, with so many variations on so many characters to collect, and this new Batman v Superman-inspired line will be no different. It will feature characters straight from the movie, but also characters “inspired by” the movie, including exclusive versions of The Metal Men, Doom Patrol & Jason Blood.

The series will consist of over 70 characters total, but admittedly some of these are things like generic witches and demons. If we’re being honest here, this looks like a really bad attempt to cash in on a movie tie-in. These characters don’t really look like their Batman v Superman movie counterparts, and most of the characters included (i.e. The Doom Patrol) are not only not in the movie, they might not even be part of the DC cinematic universe. I want to see Monsieur Mallah on the big screen as much as anybody else, but that isn’t happening. But I’m sure kids will go nuts for them, so parents, prepare your wallets for 2016.


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