Gotham Academy Takes Inspiration From Batman Animated Series


Gotham Academy is a relatively new and very fun series that you should be checking out if you haven’t already. It focuses of young Olive Silverlock and her friends as they encounter various mysteries in Gotham Academy, which often involves Bruce Wayne/Batman and some of his more obscure enemies. Artist Karl Kerschl talked about how the seminal Batman: The Animated series very much influences the style of Gotham Academy.

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"For the characters and the world in general, absolutely. We’re constantly drawing on the animated series. I think it’s a touchstone for all this stuff. To me, it feels like one of the purest depictions of the Batman universe of characters that’s ever been done. So every time I have to introduce another character or Batman rogue — for example the new science teacher in issue #8, who we revealed to be Kirk Langstrom — the first thing I do is go and look at how they did it in the animated series."

You can read the full interview about Gotham Academy with not only Kerschl but also writers Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher over at CBR, where they also talk about how they make Gotham Academy feel like a Batman-book and more (Fair Warning: The full interview does contain some spoilers). I recently read Gotham Academy Vol 1. and thought it was a great read.

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