Scott Snyder Talks About Why He Loves Batman


Scott Snyder writes Batman, and writes him very well. Obviously he’s a big fan, but it goes beyond that. Scott Snyder talked about what Batman means to him and how he’s an inspiration.

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"He isn’t something that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. That’s what #44 is about, and I hope it’s a marker of our run. I’ve tried really hard to examine why I loved Batman as a kid in New York City. I always loved this idea that he scared the bad guys. But at a certain point, maybe after 9/11, it became not so much about protecting the city and scaring the bad guys, but it became about overcoming hardship and being a symbol of inspiration. Of being someone who turns himself into something impossible against these odds, to say to the city, “If I can overcome my greatest fears and use them as fuel to protect the city, you can do what you want to do with your life. You can be the hero here, no matter how antagonistic the city is to you. You can do it."

I do think Batman works better as an inspirational figure rater than just someone who scares villains. Scott Snyder along with Greg Capullo currently works on the main Batman title, #43, which introduces new villain Mr. Bloom and gives us an update on what Bruce Wayne is up to, is available now.


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