Did Batman Forever Kill A Catwoman Movie?


While a hugely successful movie, Batman Forever of course led to Batman & Robin which made superhero movies so toxic no one really wanted to majorly invest in them again for years. The campy feel of Batman Forever may have had another unintended consequence though, the killing off of a solo Catwoman movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was wildly popular after Batman Returns came out, and rather than continue the character in the next Batman movie, there was set to be a solo Catwoman film with Tim Burton directing and Pfeiffer starring. A draft of the script was turned in and all seemed set to go.

So what happened? Batman Forever that’s what. Audiences seemed to really like the lighter and campier tone of Batman Forever and it far outgrossed Batman Returns, so Warner Bros., who already wasn’t a fan of what Burton did with Batman Returns, wasn’t too keen on revisiting that style of superhero film. They still wanted to do a Catwoman movie, just not Tim Burton’s Catwoman. This eventually led to the abysmal Halle Berry Catwoman film, which despite what Rotten Tomatoes tells you, is far worse than any superhero film released in the last 10 years. Will We ever get a good Catwoman movie? With a big DC movie universe just on the horizon and Batman being central to it, one would hope.

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