Batman v Superman: Zod Has Flippers?


We know Zod is in Batman v Superman, we see him in the first full trailer. But what role does he play? Well some comments from Michael Shannon, who plays Zod, about filming in Batman v Superman, may have given us some clue.

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"I had these wax flippers on my fingers, and I couldn’t open the door, and I could hear Zack [Snyder, the director] being like, ‘Where’s Shannon?"

I doubt Zod will actually have have flippers, but it’s totally plausible that the flippers are stand-ins for digital effects. And what kind of digital effects? The kind you would likely have for Doomsday, who has been heavily rumored to be the true big bad of Batman v Superman.

But I have a problem with this. Doomsday is one of Superman’s most powerful enemies. He literally died fighting him the first time. Sure this has been diminished over time somewhat, but them introducing Doomsday only to have to the DC trio handily dispatch him seems like a giant waste of Doomsday frankly. I hope that’s not the direction they are going with this. We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens March 25th.


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