Maryland Batman Legacy Lives On


Lenny Robinson, AKA The Maryland Batman, AKA The I-29 Batman, will always be remembered for the lives he touched and the joy he brought to children who needed just that.

Though he was tragically killed in a traffic incident on Monday, Robinson’s impact still resonates with those he met, even if briefly. Here’s an account from Charleston.

"He did something for an 8-year-old named Jacob of Elkview, which will no doubt stick with that young man the rest of his life. The day Jacob called on Batman to stop a bully, and Batman came to his rescue.“I have been crying all day, it’s just killing me, after what he did for Jacob,” said Peggy Taylor, Jacob’s grandmother. “He (Robinson) will never know how much he meant to me and my family.”Her 8-year-old grandson Jacob met Batman at SummerFest Friday and they bonded immediately.“Very nice to meet you!,” said Robinson, who was known for making appearances, dressed as the Dark Knight, and meeting kids battling serious medical problems.“It actually hit me pretty hard, even though I didn’t know him personally,” said Huntington’s Batman, John Buckland, who said it’s tough, now being one superhero less lifting kids up.“We love what we do,” said Buckland. “Because it’s priceless to put a smile on that kid’s face.”Which Baltimore Batman Robinson did, after Jacob had a run-in with a bully Sunday, at the bounce house at SummerFest.“And the little boy punched him in the face. So he said he was gonna tell Batman!,” said Taylor. “Batman takes Jacob under his arm, leaves kids standing in line. They go back to the bounce house, where Batman confronted the bully.“And tells him, gentlemen don’t act that way,” said Taylor. “That’s not the way to settle your differences. They gave each other a hug and were best of friends the rest of the evening!”"


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Jacob then received he very own key to the Batmobile.

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