When Will The Flash Season 1 Be On Netflix?


For fans of The Flash, you’re currently in a bit of a pickle. New episodes don’t start on The CW until October 6. Season 1 doesn’t release on Blu-ray and DVD until late September. If you’re like me, your cable company is only offering a few episodes at a time on-demand. That leaves streaming services, which leads us to one big question: when is The Flash Season 1 coming to Netflix?

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Let’s start by saying there’s no guarantee that it ever will, because Netflix hasn’t announced anything concerning The Flash. As the experts at our sister site Netflix Life explain, that’s nothing new, as Netflix doesn’t routinely reveal acquisitions and release dates for series like this with much warning. Still, it seems reasonable to assume that it will, if for no other reason than the first two seasons of Arrow have hit the streaming service, and Season 3 is expected there too. On top of that, the show that gave birth to the Arrow-verse might tell us something about when The Flash will be available.

Again, we turn to Netflix Life for guidance, and they report that Season 1 and 2 of Arrow both debuted on Netflix the same day that the subsequent seasons had their TV premiere (despite some erroneous reports that Season 2 would be on Netflix a month prior to the Season 3 premiere). With that in mind, it seems like the smart bet would be that Season 1 of The Flash would arrive on Netflix on October 6.

If I was a betting man and such wagers were legal, I’d put at least a little money down on that date. If we hear something different on that front, we’ll be sure to update you pronto.

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