The Flash Won’t Pick Up Right Where It Left Off For Season 2


When last we left Barry Allen on The Flash, he was attempting to close a time anomaly in the form of a black hole that was threatening to devour all of Central City. We’re assuming he’s successful since the show is returning for Season 2 on October 6. Just don’t expect the series to pick up right where it left off.

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In a recent interview with TV Insider, series star Grant Gustin revealed that there’s a time jump involved between seasons — strangely appropriate for a show about a man who can break the time barrier with pure speed — and let us know exactly how long it would be.

"We pick up about six months later, and we’re going to piece together how the storm has affected everyone."

The title of the Season 2 premiere, “The Man Who Saved Central City,” combined with the knowledge that fellow Flash Jay Garrick is on the way, led many fans to speculate that perhaps a different speedster was the hero responsible, perhaps keeping Central City safe while Barry was away. That may still turn out to be the case, but Gustin’s revelation makes it increasingly likely that the Flash we already know was successful at closing the anomaly immediately.

If nothing else, it gives us more fuel for speculation as we await Season 2. And a six-month jump is especially great for writers on a series where the defeat of the Reverse-Flash had to have changed history in some ways. It should be lots of fun finding out what’s the same and what’s different.

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