New Batman Comics on Shelves this Week (8/26/15)


Wednesday is New Comics Day and that means bundles of new Batman comics on shelves everywhere.

Here’s what you can expect!

"WE ARE ROBIN #3U.S. Price: $3.99ON SALE 8/26The Robins finally meet Batman himself…but is it everything they imagined it would be? And what will the Dark Knight think of them?Art by:Jorge Corona, Khary Randolph, Rob HaynesCover by:Lee BermejoVariant cover by:Sean MurphyWritten by:Lee Bermejo"

"HARLEY QUINN #19U.S. Price: $3.99ON SALE 8/26Harley’s finding out just how hard it is to be the boss! She’s finally ready to put her love life first—if only the Gang of Harleys would let her have a moment’s rest!Art by:Chad HardinCover by:Amanda ConnerVariant cover by:Ant LuciaWritten by:Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner"

"GRAYSON #11U.S. Price: $3.99ON SALE 8/26It’s Grayson versus…Grayson? To save Agent 1, Dick must face his most dangerous enemy yet: himself.Art by:Mikel JaninCover by:Mikel JaninVariant cover by:Emanuela LupacchinoWritten by:Tim Seeley, Tom King"

"GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #8U.S. Price: $2.99ON SALE 8/26Two of Gotham City’s top news anchors seem to be swaying the minds of the public with sinister supernatural intentions.Art by:Juan FerreyraCover by:Bill SienkiewiczWritten by:Ray Fawkes"

"BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT – GENESIS #1U.S. Price: $2.99ON SALE 8/26Witness the birth of Gotham City’s newest villain, the Arkham Knight, in this stunning new 6-issue miniseries written by Peter J. Tomasi, the man behind the hit series BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT and BATMAN AND ROBIN!Art by:Alison BorgesCover by:Stjepan SejicWritten by:Peter J. Tomasi"

"BATMAN ‘66 #26U.S. Price: $2.99ON SALE 8/26Can it be? Is Louie the Lilac really pushing up daisies? Batman’s investigation of the criminal’s apparent demise leads him to the abandoned Isley Nursery. But it’s a floral trap that awaits the Dynamic Duo as they encounter a new villainess, the one and only Poison Ivy!Art by:Jesse HammCover by:Mike AllredWritten by:Jeff Parker"

"BATGIRL #43U.S. Price: $2.99ON SALE 8/26Tech genius Luke Fox has brought his startup to Burnside, and he seems to be hiring all of Barbara’s friends…but not her! Unfortunately, someone else is setting up shop in Burnside as well…the mysterious Velvet Tiger!Art by:Babs TarrCover by:David LafuenteWritten by:Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart"

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That’s it for this week, fanboys and girls! Don’t forget to support your local comic shops and retailers!

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