The Flash: Violett Beane Cast As Possible Female Speedster


Move over Barry Allen. There might be another speedster hitting Central City in Season 2 of The Flash, and we’re not talking about Zoom, or even Jay Garrick.

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TVLine reported today that Violett Beane has been cast as Jesse Quick, a recurring role in Season 2. Her character is described as “a brilliant but quirky college student” who somehow finds herself tangled up in the the Flash’s struggle against Zoom.

Naturally, comic book fans are already anticipating that Beane is going to end up as the first female speedster on the series. That’s because in print, Quick’s real name in Jesse Chambers, and she’s a legacy hero on both sides: her dad was a Golden Age hero with super-speed named Johnny Quick, while her mother was the All-Star Squadron member known as Liberty Belle, possessing superhuman strength and endurance plus (eventually) the ability to transmit sonic pulses from her hands.

Jesse would carry on both her parents’ mantles at one point or another. She learned to recite her dad’s formula for tapping into the Speed Force as Jesse Quick and later joined the Justice Society of America as the second Liberty Belle. She even very briefly became the Flash in her own right, though that role was never her true calling. Regardless, with both her father’s super-speed and her mom’s enhanced strength, Jesse was a formidable if slightly underused super hero throughout the 90s and early 2000s.

Will it be the TV Jesse Quick’s destiny to ride the lightning as well? Something about that mention of her getting caught in the Flash-Zoom struggle makes me think we’ll see her zipping around at some point. We’ll be watching for her when The Flash returns with new episodes beginning on October 6.

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