The Flash: Which Season 1 Supporting Character Is Coming Back For Season 2?


The Flash will be getting some new faces in Season 2, but that doesn’t mean that supporting characters other than the series regulars are gone for good.

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If you’re watching reruns of the show as they air during the summer, you know that we’re at the part of Season 1 where Barry Allen dated journalist Linda Park. And while that relationship was doomed to end after just a few weeks thanks to Barry’s feelings for Iris West, Entertainment Weekly revealed today that Malese Jow, who plays Park, will return this fall.

That’s not necessarily a shocker since Linda works with Iris at the Picture News, Central City’s newspaper of record. What does raise an eyebrow is The Flash executive producer Gabrielle Stanton stating that “her past relationship with Barry will put both Iris and The Flash in unexpected danger.”

Given that Barry and Linda only were a couple for a brief time, it’s surprising that their romance would come back to haunt them. Maybe another member of the newspaper staff turns into a super villain?

EW also notes that in the comics, Linda ends up marrying Wally West. The TV version of Wally looks like he will hew closer to his New 52 counterpart than the one who graduated from Kid Flash to Flash, but since the series blends different versions of the same characters to great success in other ways, maybe a Wally-Linda pairing is one thing that will survive.

It’s way too early to speculate on that front, but at least we know now to look for more of Jow when Season 2 of The Flash gets up to speed beginning on October 6.

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