Did DC Editorial Tell Writers to Stop ‘Batgirling’?


After the disaster of the New 52 and the more than disappointing financial performance of DC books since Convergence ended, the editorial brass may be looking to back track on their retooling of big titles.


The blog I used to write for, Bleeding Cool, has claimed to hear word from DC higher-ups about the writer-driven angle the publisher so whole-heartedly embraced.

"I understand from a number of senior sources that DC editorial have been told to “stop Batgirling” and go back to “meat and potatoes”.Batgirling was the internal phrase at DC Comics, inspired by the success of the revived Batgirl comic book – and Harley Quinn, to be fair, to try more quirky, experimental, off the wall and less continuity-laden comic books across the lineIronically this shouldn’t affect Batgirl which is still a strong seller against expectations, especially on digital. And Harley Quinn should also remain immune."

‘Batgirling’, eh? This likely means that you will see Bruce Wayne as Batman again sooner rather than later, as well as a Superman in a cape and boots. The funny thing is that this kind of mandate was what DC claimed they were trying to avoid when taking the pressure of continuity off of writers. The fact that readers can’t figure out why Batman is Bruce Wayne in Justice League: Darksied/Anti-monitor War, but Jim Gordon in Batman should have given them some warning signs to the powers-that-be. That’s something I tackle in the latest episode of Comic Pro.

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Guess they should have listened to the fans from the get go.

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