Marvel Collector Corps August Box Review: Doubling Down On Pop


Considering that the August box is only the third offering from the Marvel Collector Corps, it’s probably too soon to draw any conclusions about whether there’s a formula or such a thing as a “typical” box. One factor that differed right off the bat about this shipment is that it was the first one with no Marvel movie to use as a tie-in.

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Wisely, considering the way the mega-event is dominating the company’s comic book line at the moment, Marvel chose Secret Wars as its August theme. That could have opened things up for any number of wild possibilities considering the various realities smashed together on Battleworld, but Funko played it relatively safe by building the shipment around new versions of iconic characters. In fact with one exception, this could easily have been an All-New Avengers NOW! box from late 2014, given that it spotlights mostly characters who rose to prominence during the last big publishing initiative.

As for the items themselves, the big takeaway was that we got two Pop Vinyl figures instead of one, and of characters that should make a lot of collectors very happy. Intrigued? Let’s open this bad boy up.

The Box and Accessories

Jane Foster, current God of Thunder, greets us in her helmeted form on the outside of the August box. Inside is the customary patch and pin. The former stars Sam Wilson, Captain America, while the latter gives us Superior Iron Man … who hasn’t been in this armor at all during Secret Wars, but hey. Incidentally, if Funko wanted to make a Sam Wilson Pop Vinyl, I’d buy it. Just saying.

The Vinyl

If you bought into the Collector Corps concept because you love Marvel Pop Vinyl figures, this is likely to be your favorite box so far. Not one but two exclusive figures, neither of whom have made appearances in the line before. Neither should need any introduction, but that’s the female Thor and Miles Morales Spider-Man. Cool pieces, both, and ones that any collector should be happy to have in their collection.

Perhaps in response to the numerous complaints of damaged packaging in the first two shipments, the Pops sit down at the bottom of the box in what are essentially their own mini-compartments, separated by an additional piece of cardboard so they can’t slide around. Mine came pretty much completely undamaged, so hopefully that’s the case for most subscribers.

The Shirt

Here’s where there was a mistake with my box, as I received the wrong size tee this month (XXXL). I’ve not had to deal with Collector Corps customer service yet, so I’ll report back on how that goes.

Thus, no pic here, but the shirt looks cool enough: a black Secret Wars tee with Thor, Superior Iron Man, Miles and Sam Wilson as they’d appear as Pop Vinyl figures. Hard to go wrong there.

The Bonus

That’s a special variant of Secret Wars #1 you’re looking at, once again with the Pop Vinyl-ized Thor on the front. It came boarded and with a sealed bag, which is a nice touch for those of us with no intentions of opening it up. That’s because I already have a copy of the regular version of the issue, by the way, not because I don’t want to read it.

The Verdict

Collector Corps played a little looser with the theme this month, as we discussed, but it’s hard not to be impressed with the results. My guess is most people will prefer two Pop Vinyl figures to one and something smaller, and we’ll see if the efforts to minimize damaged items pay off. I still have to exchange my shirt, which is an annoyance, but overall, the first non-movie-related box is a winner.

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