The Flash: Leaked Set Pics Offer Possible Glimpse Of Doctor Light


A female dressed in a black and white costume of some sort? That sounds like Doctor Light to me, especially since we already know she’ll be making her presence felt on The Flash in Season 2.

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Twitter user Canadagraphs photographed just such a figure, allegedly from the set of The Flash earlier today, though without knowledge of who it might be. With a long black coat trimmed in white and possibly some kind of headpiece, it certainly appears that Doctor Light is an excellent guess.

Now the question is whether she’ll be friend or foe. Early reports suggested the former, but anyone who remembers Kimiyo Hoshi knows that she could be a little … difficult in the early part of her super hero career. I’d be surprised if the writers and producers of The Flash didn’t explore that idea at least a bit this season.

We’re also still early on in the filming of Season 2, relatively speaking, so the guess is that Doctor Light will appear sooner rather than later. Another tweet from the same account showed Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond getting close, so that’s good news for anyone who ships #CaitMond, or whatever hashtag is being used for that couple.

The Flash is back with new episodes beginning on Tuesday, October 6.

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