Crazy Fan Theory: Joker Was The Hero In The Dark Knight


In Dark Knight, Batman saves the city of Gotham from the Joker and Two-Face. But is he really the hero of the film? One really crazy fan theory supposes that Heath Ledger’s Joker is the true hero of the Dark Knight.

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You may scoff at the agent of pure chaos in the Dark Knight being the hero. But this theory posits that all the positive change in Gotham came about due to the Joker. He bankrupted the mob, eliminated corrupt police, and even through his depraved actions, uplifted the spirit of the city of Gotham. It could even be argued that by putting Batman on the run he was trying to rid the streets of a crazed vigilante who dressed like a goddamn bat.

Sounds pretty damn plausible to me. Maybe that’s something that could’ve been explored had Heath Ledger not tragically passed away. Guess we’ll never know for sure…


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