Tony Daniel Dishes on ‘Batman and Robin Eternal’!


We’ve known for a while now that DC was going to follow up its year long run of weekly book Batman Eternal in some fashion, but we didn’t know what for it would take until SDCC.

Now we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of Batman and Robin Eternal on October 7th. Ahead of it’s debut, one of the main artists, Tony Daniel, sat down to dish about the project and just how hard it was to convince him to do it.

"You’re doing the art for the first and sixth issue and some of the covers, how much convincing did it take to bring you onto this project?TONY DANIEL: Not much convincing at all. When they brought it up to me, I was excited to do it. It’s the perfect amount of work. It’s going to take about six months of my life to complete. It was perfect timing because I was looking for something for that kind of time frame. This is another project that I’d like to do right now. Getting to work in Gotham City with all my favorite characters is definitely not something I would turn down. It’s a real honor to get back into this.Is there anything you can tell us about the timeline in ETERNAL? It sure looks like Bruce as Batman.TONY DANIEL: The concept we have with Bruce as Batman, we’re having a lot of flashback sequences. We’re going to get to see Bruce Wayne as Batman throughout this storyline. I’m pretty sure that’s the scope of it, really. It’s a flashback sequence with Bruce as Batman.With the first cover full of characters, how do you approach a cover like that? Do layouts over it all, start with center characters and move out?TONY DANIEL: This cover in particular was very difficult. Editorial wanted the split down the middle. It was half the present day and half in the past. I thought it was a real challenge when you’re splitting a character in the center in half. I did it a lot for the BATTLE FOR THE COWL story. In hindsight, I wasn’t crazy about them. To have to do another one but this time with a bunch of characters…It was explained to me we’re in two different time periods. We have the Robins on one side and Batman and Dick Grayson in the past on the other side. I was able to lay it out so it worked. The key is for it not to look too cluttered. Also, it has to have some sort of balance because you are spitting an image in half. You almost lose the focus or the balance of it. I’m happy with the way it turned out but I won’t be jumping to do another split cover like that anytime soon."

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For those of you who can’t wait, there will be an 8 page preview of Batman and Robin Eternal in stores on September 26th.

"What can you tell us about the 8-page Batman Day story?TONY DANIEL: It really gives people a taste for what’s to come. I think it’s like a commercial for a big upcoming event. It shows Bruce Wayne as Batman and him sort of learning the scope of the threat that’s now unleashed. We get a hint of some of these characters that we’re going to be dealing with in this big story arc. I get to draw a lot of fun things and a lot of very detailed action shots. I think it’s a good taste of what you can expect in this big series."

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You can read the full interview right here.

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