TMZ Gets Trashy with ‘Suicide Squad’ Photo


We almost made it.

Suicide Squad is now officially done filming and we almost made it through the entire shoot without TMZ doing something douchey with spy photos. Almost. This is what the garbage blog posted today.


"Batman‘s packin’.This pic was snapped during the final scenes for the “Suicide Squad” which is being shot in Toronto. The scene … Batman breaks through the roof of the Joker’s car.It’s not Ben Affleck and Jared Leto … both are stunt doubles.The Joker is trying not to look, but we know he wants to."

Gross, TMZ. Leave it to them. You’d think an exclusive spy photo would be news enough. But no. They just HAD to go there.

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I cringe at the possibility of what they’ll do with pics of the 2 heroes wrestling in Batman v Superman.

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