Three Teams Unite In Guardians Of Infinity #1


Does Marvel really need more Guardians? You’d think between multiple teams of Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the area of space around Earth would be pretty secure.

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Not so much. In Guardians of Infinity #1, coming this December from writer Dan Abnett (a guy who knows a little something about Guardians, to be sure) and artist Carlo Barberi, it’s going to take three different teams coming together to deal with “a powerful and dark secret that could unravel the very fabric of space and time.”

Ooh, sounds dangerous. One team you already know. That would be the Guardians of the Galaxy, represented in this case by Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Drax. You might also know the original Guardians, now known as Guardians 3000, since that’s kind of where … er, when they live. You might not be as familiar with Guardians 1000, but since this brand new series involves multiple time periods, I’m guessing you will be once you read it.

Every issue of the series will also feature a backup story by top Marvel talent, and issue #1 delivers on that promise with a tale by writer Jason Latour and artist Jim Cheung. Here’s the high concept, and this should be enough to hook you: Rocket Raccoon and the Thing, together on a planet where culture revolves around the trappings of pro wrestling. Yep, I’m sold.

More details forthcoming, I’m sure, but we can tell you that Guardians of Infinity #1 goes on sale in December, so keep it in mind for your pull list now.

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