New Universe College Buddies In Starbrand & Nightmask #1


A super-powered buddy comedy sounds like something a TV network would try cooking up, but that might be what we’re getting in a new Marvel series that keeps the New Universe flame alive. I’m talking about Starbrand & Nightmask #1, where the team of writer Greg Weisman and artist Domo Stanton will take the two heroes away from the grim business of trying to prevent the end of all that is and put them in college.

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Unless Marvel is trolling us with the press release, you read that right. It’s a much different scene for Starbrand and Nightmask, who we first met in the pages of Avengers. They both paid the ultimate sacrifice during “Time Runs Out,” but (spoilers!) they’re going to be around after Secret Wars and find that they don’t have to occupy themselves with protecting the planet during every waking moment.

So … off to college!

“Kevin (Starbrand) is actually very reluctant to go back to college,” Weisman said in a press release. “(His last stint didn’t end well, to say the least.) But Adam (Nightmask) insists that they both attend college, because Kevin needs to reconnect with humanity. After all, if he’s going to protect the planet, Kevin needs to care about its inhabitants.”

Fear not, because there’s going to be some super heroics. But ultimately, the book will be an exploration of two people who really only have each other to rely upon.

“Nightmask is the Herald (and conscience) for Earth’s Starbrand (i.e. it’s Planetary Defense Mechanism),” Weisman said in an interview with “He’s been tutoring Starbrand in his powers, and they really are best friends. In fact, each is practically the other’s ONLY friend.”

It’s all good guys. We’ll be your friends too. At least we will in December, which is when Starbrand & Nightmask #1 will make its debut.

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