Batman v Superman Costumes & Batmobile Coming To WB Studio Tour


Unless you were at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, you haven’t gotten a chance to see the costumes from Batman v Superman up close and personal. But now you can get that chance if you happen to be taking the Warner Bros Studio Tour anytime soon.

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The costumes for Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman from Batman v Superman as well as the Batmobile will be part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for a limited time starting this Friday, September 4th. This is to help promote Batman v Superman before it hits screens in March, but the costumes will only be on display from September 4th to September 23rd. The Batmobile will be on display a little longer, from September 4th to December 31st. So if you were planning to do a tour and want to see the costumes and batmobile, might want to do it soon. You can get tickets and more info at the official website.

h/t Batman-News

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