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The first season of Gotham is in the books, and the second one is just around the corner. Now you have a chance to watch the first season of Gotham on Blu-Ray (or DVD) starting September 8th before the second season begins on September 21st. Of course the question is it the first season worth going through, especially if you’ve already watched it?

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Well first let’s talk about the freshman season of Gotham itself. I think even the most ardent fans would admit Gotham’s first season is pretty uneven. There are some incredible episodes, specifically Spirit of The Goat & Penguin’s Umbrella (which are episodes 6 & 7), that really show the potential. I think the pilot also really holds up well also. But this is also against a lot episodes that are underwhelming at best, and some like The Balloonman are downright ridiculous. The season finale, All Happy Families Are Alike has a lot of status quo changes, but some of them come about in pretty anticlimactic ways.

However this is fairly typical of a lot of shows’ first season where they are still finding their footing. So I would say while the first season of Gotham certainly doesn’t match up against top tier comic book shows like Flash or Daredevil, it shows plenty of potential.

I’m not a video specs guy, but Gotham looks pretty amazing on Blu-Ray. The outfits and city scenery pop really well in high definition and are a really nice showcase.

Now, what’s a Blu-Ray release without special features? Gotham on Blu-Ray comes loaded with featurettes that focus on how Gotham came about, the ideas behind it, how it’s not a story of Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon or any of the characters, but a story about Gotham. These are interesting and well-produced so the are worth your time and do provide lots of extra insight into the show. Pretty much my only complaint is that there are no commentaries for any of the episodes, but Gotham Season One on Blu-Ray has plenty of extras for fans who want to delve into every facet of the show.

So ultimately, I think you already know whether or not you want season on of Gotham on Blu-Ray. If you really enjoyed the show, it’s worth owning but this is not something that’s going to make converts out of anybody. Anyone else might just want to wait a few more weeks and catch it on Netfix. If you lost track, Gotham season one is out on Blu-Ray and DVD September 8th, hits Netflix on September 21st and then the second season also starts September 21st on Fox.

(A copy of Gotham Season One on Blu-Ray was provided for the purposes of review)

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