Bat-family to be ‘Vital’ to ‘Batman and Robin Eternal’


It was announced at SDCC that the successful run of Batman Eternal would be followed by another series, but we were’t sure what it would be until the big unveiling of Batman and Robin Eternal.

Writer James Tynion IV sat down recently to discuss the direction of the book and just how important the supporting cast would be.

"One thing I can say about the events of “Batman and Robin Eternal” is that Dick’s homecoming is definitely explored. That’s a very big moment, and this story builds off of that moment in a very real way. It’s the first big Bat-family story since Bruce Wayne’s departure as Batman, and it really brings the whole Bat-family together. There have been other stories in the New 52 that brings a majority of the Bat-family together but this one literally has all of the Robins standing side-by-side. In a world without Bruce Wayne, we get to see Dick step into a leadership role with all of the Robins. He is the first. It’s because of him that they all wear the ‘R’ on their chest. There is something very powerful about having him back in Gotham and interacting with the whole family.It’s a tremendous opportunity to get to bring her [Cassandra Cain] back. This is something that I am so happy about. Cassandra is a character that I grew up with. Some of the first Batman stories that I read were the ones that brought her into continuity. I think “Bruce Wayne: Murderer?” is a classic crossover that nobody ever talks about. It’s one of my all-time favorites.Cassandra’s tragedy is very different than the other Robins. This is someone that was designed to kill. Her tragedy isn’t seeing her parents dead in an alley — her tragedy is the moment she [first] took a person’s life. There’s a real powerful dichotomy there between her and Bruce and that’s something that we’ll be maintaining as the heart of her character. Although, there will be a big mystery about what shape all of that took here.Cassandra is one of the main characters of this series and she is phenomenally important to the story. The story wouldn’t be the same story without her. I can’t say much more than that, but I will say that the first time you see Cassandra Cain in present day DCU continuity is a very special moment.This story digs into Harper Row’s history. Through “Batman Eternal” and “Batman,” Scott [Snyder] and I have been building the mystery about her parents, as well as the mystery of why Batman has always been aware of Harper, even before Harper was aware of Batman. Those mysteries are also at the heart of this story. There is not much more that I can say about Harper other than she is absolutely one of the main characters of “Batman and Robin Eternal” alongside Dick and Cassandra. Harper never getting that final moment is important — she never became a Robin. She became something new, but she’s feels a little jaded that she never became a Robin. That’s going to be a powerful thing moving forward, for her character and her place in the DCU."

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Batman and Robin Eternal hits shelves on October 7th.

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