The Totally Awesome Hulk Is None Of The People Teased


Marvel put out some cool teaser images this week to fuel speculation over the identity of the post-Secret Wars Hulk. All we knew for sure is that it wouldn’t be Bruce Banner, but the images suggested it could be someone familiar, and perhaps someone who already had super powers.

Now that the truth has been revealed courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, all of that might have been a little bit of a bait and switch. The Totally Awesome Hulk is an established character, and perhaps someone more likely to use the phrase “totally awesome,” but it’s none of the people hinted at in the teasers: it’s Amodeus Cho, super smart teenager.

In the Totally Awesome Hulk series, Cho will be written by the man who created him, Greg Pak, with art by Frank Cho (no relation, as far as we know). The EW piece points out the significance of a Korean-American lead whose adventures are being chronicled by two Korean-Americans, and it’s definitely evidence of the further diversification of mainstream super hero comics.

Interestingly, Pak didn’t come up with the idea himself, crediting editor Mark Pannica with getting the ball rolling on Cho as the Hulk. That said, he’s certainly convinced when he discusses how this particular revamp makes sense.

"The other thing is that this felt like a natural next step for both the Amadeus and the Hulk stories. It wasn’t what we imagined 10 years ago when we created the character, that this is exactly where he would end up. But just given the character’s history, it makes total sense. And the story is totally true for both the Hulk story and the Amadeus story, so it’s a lot of fun when those kinds of things can naturally come together for something this big."

Axel Alonso also told EW that Amadeus loves being the Hulk, which is a big change from the way the Green Goliath usually operates as any character’s alter ego, and that he’ll be the only Hulk in the Marvel Universe after several decades of gamma-powered proliferation. And similar to Thor, readers can expect to see what’s going on with the previous bearer of the identity as well.

Sounds like it could be potentially be a lot of fun. We’ll find out if it lives up to that promise when Totally Awesome Hulk #1 debuts in December.

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