Preview of ‘Batman and Robin Eternal’ #1


Like we told you yesterday Batman and Robin Eternal will focus on more than just the Dynamic Duo.

According to writer James Tynion IV, members of the Bat-family like Cassandra Cain, Bluebird and Dick Grayson will play a ‘vital’ role in the year long, weekly tale. Here’s a first look at the 8 page preview of the first issue.

"STORY BY Scott Snyder, James Tynion IVART BY Tony S. Daniel, Sandu FloreaCOLORS BY Tomeu MoreyCOVER BY Tony S. DanielPUBLISHER DC Comics"

The preview hits shelves on September 26th.

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"This story digs into Harper Row’s history. Through “Batman Eternal” and “Batman,” Scott [Snyder] and I have been building the mystery about her parents, as well as the mystery of why Batman has always been aware of Harper, even before Harper was aware of Batman. Those mysteries are also at the heart of this story. There is not much more that I can say about Harper other than she is absolutely one of the main characters of “Batman and Robin Eternal” alongside Dick and Cassandra. Harper never getting that final moment is important — she never became a Robin. She became something new, but she’s feels a little jaded that she never became a Robin. That’s going to be a powerful thing moving forward, for her character and her place in the DCU."

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